Owner FAQ

Here are the most common questions we receive from property owners. However, if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at (562) 438-6532 or Email Us.

We are purely on a month-to-month contract. We do not tie our clients down to long-term contracts because we feel that our quality management will keep you as our clients for a long time.

It’s easier to say what we don’t do. For example, we don’t pay taxes, insurance, or mortgages—everything else we take care of.

We require everyone to fill out an application, and they need to qualify with a high credit score. They are also required to have 3X income in rent and come in for a sit-down interview.

We have licensed contractors and vendors that we trust to take care of all of the properties. These vendors are vetted and have usually been working for us for multiple years and, in some cases, decades.

We charge 10% of the collected income for houses and 8% for apartments. We have a $250 minimum for all accounts. We do annual inspections of the unit, and we charge $75 per house and $50 per apartment unit. We have no other fees and do not charge any additional fees for completing or scheduling repairs!

We find that co-management situations do not work out. Therefore, we will provide all our owners with thorough reports and updates before major repairs and let them know of any serious situation that arises at their property.

Especially at the beginning of a contract, we will try to notify the owner of most repairs and how we plan to handle those. Then, as you get more comfortable with our management style and our judgment, we will bring less of the minor repairs and minor problems to your attention but still provide the reports that explain any decision we make.

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Are You A Property Owner?

If you are a property owner in Long Beach or surrounding area, we would love to talk with you about your rental property.

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