Solving Tenant Disputes Is Not A Fun Process

It can be difficult to ascertain whether the problem rises to the level of your involvement or is it bad enough to get someone evicted. For minor issues, we always advise tenants to address the situation between themselves. 

They are playing their music too loud, they are smoking to close to your window are types of issues that tenants should resolve on their own. It’s usually the case that one person doesn’t realize their behavior is a nuisance. If you as the property owner get involved in every little problem, they will continue to come to you with trivial problems. 

There are larger problems where you do have to get involved. These usually present when one tenant is bothering multiple people in the complex or there are major problems between two tenants. You have to do a little detective work and figure out what is going on. 

When it’s two tenants who are bothering each other it is very simple. You set the standard on which behavior will not be tolerated, which should also be rooted in the lease. The tenants rarely take full responsibility but they will usually stop the behavior that is causing the conflict.

People who continue to violate the lease should be evicted.  Because of the new laws, there is no way to remove a bad tenant except with an eviction.

You should attempt to persuade the tenants to leave prior to going through eviction as it would hurt their credit. You must be willing to evict tenants who can’t be good neighbors. It’s rare that it comes to this but you must be willing to in order to give the rest of their neighbors the quiet enjoyment of their property.

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