Repairs Are A Unique Part Of The Property Management Business

Choosing the right vendors is going to be a key part of your ability to manage your income property effectively. Property Managers are at a distinct advantage in this category. Since we have to call out for numerous repair calls on a regular basis, we have a larger pool of work to judge a vendor.

You should be looking at a number of key attributes when selecting the correct vendors. Firstly, they need to communicate well. When you send a repairman, plumber, electrician, or any other number of service providers out to your house, you want to make sure they can communicate the problem to you and the tenant.

You need to have some who can explain the problem clearly and then explain how they will fix the problem along with the cost of said repair. This is where a lot of people fail because when they don’t understand the reasons, they tend to build mistrust.

Quality of work is important. A lot of times, it will be hard to identify quality for someone with little experience as a property owner. Since you might not have a keen eye for quality craftsmanship, there are a few substitutes.

Are you constantly having the vendor come back out to fix the same item, or did they forget to do a part of the job? Do they finish their jobs and clean up after? Is it done in an efficient and timely manner?

Lastly, a short cut is to find one vendor you trust and have them start to recommend other vendors. Most of our vendors come from word of mouth from other vendors. They know what we are looking for and can make recommendations.

There are a lot of high quality reasonably priced craftsman out there, and you should be able to find them.

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