Plumbing Emergency?
For plumbing emergencies, please call Marquez Brother’s Plumbing at 562-856-0915, if this is an after-hours emergency please contact them at 562-449-7044.

Repair Request

Please give us multiple appointment times as our handyman and service people are busy and sometime have limited availability.

Please give us times when permission to enter is given.

We will confirm all work requests with an emailed response.

Description of Issue

First available time-slotFirst available time-slotFirst available time-slot

Locked Out?
If you lock yourself out of the house after hours we cannot guarantee we will be able to help you get in. You will have to call a locksmith and pay for it. Here are two companies we recommend using.

Ascot Locksmith: 562-674-5625
Los Alamitos Locksmith: 562-431-0047

Rent dropoff? Here’s our office.

Need something else? Tyler is just an email away.